Is Pseudo Code Even Helpful?

Pseudo code, when you hear it does it conjure up feelings of disdain or ambiguity? If there is one thing, and there are several, that my mentor has drummed into my head it's this. Pseudo code is to be used to manage all of the thoughts running through your brain when you sit down to code. When you are trying to think it helps you put everything in one place to help break the task apart and focus on one step at a time. I've listened to engineers discuss pseudo code like it has to be a prescribed and regimented way of coding. I've also heard engineers say it doesn't help at all. Being at one extreme or the other is not healthy. I don't think that's as important as getting the information out of your head and into a format that makes sense and keeps you moving forward toward a deadline. The end being a cohesive, polished piece of code that actually does what it was intended to. Sure it can always be refactored, but that comes after you have the initial code in place. Imagine having a destination where you have never been before and you decide to not bring a map. That's how important pseudo code is. I've heard mythological stories of developers in coding exams and they didn't even finish the task, but they used pseudo code to think out logically everything that needed to be done in order to meet the endpoint. And because they took the time to ensure they understood what needed to be done, they ended up getting the job! Committed use of this type of coding, not just doing, but understanding will only help make us better engineers, which in turn helps us make better code. And the end user and client will be better served. And if they are happier with the product at the end, we've done our job.